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We are a community for those who are involved in network marketing/ multi level marketing of any kind. A great place to discuss ideas and various companies and strategies.
Also if you have any questions, and are currently looking but do not have a company you have joined yet, feel free to ask away.

!!!Update July 31rst, 2004!!!

For all the current members, sorry for this pointless post, but now I feel I have to do this.
I recently noticed more than a couple of people joining, posting an ad for this business, then suddenly, they aren't members of the community anymore. Sorry, that just bugs me. Who knows, maybe they don't want thier friends knowing they are part of a network marketing company or whatever the reason. The way I look at it, if you want to promote in this community, do it proud!!!
Don't hide by jumping in, and then poof!!!

To all new members....
Welcome aboard!!! We are trying for some great discussions in here, hopefully you will be part of them. Just please, no "POOF" Advertising like I talked about above. It will just end up being deleted. If you haven't noticed, most everyone in the community are already involved in a company. This place is more for discussion about "Network Marketing" in general. Though you are free to promote your business, odds are you won't get any new members.
We'd love to talk with you though. Tell us all about what you do and why.